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Learn How to Write Better Copy in Just 3 Video Lessons

 Discover key techniques that will help you write great copy! This video mini course will give you practical tips you can use right away — and a strong idea of whether you’d like to keep building your copywriting skill set. It’s ideal for writers, marketers, and small business owners who want to sell products and services more effectively (and it’s free).


Here’s What You’ll Learn in These 3 Videos:

  • How to see and “feel” the difference that great copywriting makes through before-and-after examples
  • What every customer is looking for that you MUST put into your copy
  • How to quickly create a powerful message using the “So You Can” technique
  • The #1 mistake people make when it comes to writing copy — which KILLS conversions — (and how to fix it)
  • How to highlight the “critical bits” of information that act like flashing lights to your customers to get them to take action
  •  How to KNOW what’s important to customers (what actually motivates people to buy certain products and services)

Do you want to understand how to write copy that will inspire customers to act (without using gimmicks or clickbait)? You can learn how to  keep customers from bouncing off web pages and ignoring offers — an incredibly valuable skill set in a rapidly expanding online marketplace. This mini course will help you take the first steps toward adding value-driven, persuasive copywriting to your professional toolbox.

Learning Copywriting Increased My Income by 36%. What Will It Do For You?

Interested in improving your copy — or even becoming a career copywriter?

I can help! I’m Anna McKenzie, a professional copywriter, author, and the owner of CreativeDemand. I’ve written sales copy for New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors, worked with national and global brands, and helped business owners sell millions of dollars worth of products online. 

 Whether you're a writer, marketer, or small business owner, the Intro to Copywriting mini course will teach you several highly effective techniques for turning copy from bland to brilliantHaving exceptional copywriting skills can increase your income potential, open the door to new career opportunities, and improve your bottom line. Through this mini course, you can get a taste of what’s possible for you when you acquire this skill set!

“Anna McKenzie is my go-to guide for marketing insights and copywriting. She’s helped me understand that selling is really about serving, marketing is about creating meaningful relationships, and being who I truly am is the best way to build my business. Not only that, working with Anna has led to tangible, measurable results and growth. Learning from her has truly been a turning point in my professional journey. I only wish I’d had the benefit of her brilliance sooner.”

- Holley Gerth, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and Life Coach

All You Need to Do Is Take the First Step. 

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Ask yourself…

  • What would be possible for you if you understood the mechanics of high-converting copy? 
  • How much of a difference would it make to be able to sell products and services on your own terms, whether you work for yourself or someone else?
  • How would it feel if you were NOT intimidated by the prospect of writing to sell?

Discover the value of copywriting and learn key techniques that you can use right now. Simply click below to get access to the Intro to Copywriting video mini course for free!


“Anna has been an invaluable resource and mentor in helping me become a professional freelance copywriter. She has the gifting and in-depth knowledge to address all kinds of copywriting questions with patience and clarity. She shares real-world advice and perspective in an honest, practical way that's easy to follow and understand. She's also great at addressing the ‘why’ behind copywriting principles and techniques so I can better hone my craft. With her help, I've already seen positive results (and repeat work) from my own writing clients, giving me confidence to build my own freelance business.  I wholeheartedly recommend Anna's copywriting course!”

- Bobby Shriver, Professional Copywriter and Owner of Adventurous Words