Learn How to Start Selling to Your Audience

The 3 Videos & 3 Email Templates in This Kit Will Help You:

  • Easily tell your story and position yourself effectively to your audience using a simple 3-part formula.

  • Create genuine interest in your content with two critical principles and prepare your audience for your offer.

  • Make a softball, low barrier offer that's easy to accept based on the valuable content you've provided already.


Looking for a simple way to start selling effectively (and regularly) to your audience?

Hey, Anna McKenzie here. I'm a professional copywriter, author, and the owner of CreativeDemand. I’ve written sales copy for New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors, worked with national and global brands, and helped business owners sell millions of dollars worth of products online.

I believe that marketing is about creating relationships. The better you can connect with your audience, the more likely they are to buy from you — and keep buying from you.

The Storytelling & Sales Kit is a short, 3-lesson course that will give you useful techniques (and email templates) you need to start making that happen. 

“As a creative entrepreneur, I wanted to use my platform to help others build a life of impact and income. I teamed up with Anna to distill and clarify our messaging. Our influence and platform has grown every month in profit and impact.”

- Noah Elias, author, speaker, mentor, artist, founder of Noah Fine Art, Noah University, and NoahElias.net

Start Selling in an Authentic Way with the Storytelling & Sales Kit