Learn How to Sell Your Art Online through Value-Driven Copywriting


Transformation Copywriting™ for Artists is a 6-lesson mini course that teaches essential copywriting skills to help you sell your artwork online. Find out how to tell your story, create interest with your content, sell through email, and create a value-add newsletter to connect with your audience. 


Is there a way to market your artwork online without feeling like an awkward (or self-absorbed) salesperson?


If someone likes your art, they’ll buy it... right? Maybe not. That’s a problem! You know how to create beautiful things, but selling feels like a completely different game… and your business is hinging on it. 

At times, you feel like you’re launching your artwork into the void. You wonder if you’ll ever be able to increase your following and generate consistent revenue. It’s easy to feel self-doubt and confusion when your artwork doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves.

What do people really want? Do you have to compromise in order to make sales on a regular basis? You don’t. In fact, you just need a way to build and strengthen the connection with your target audience — the people who will love your work (and can afford it!). 

You can do that through copywriting, and I’d like to show you how.

"As a copywriter for Michael Hyatt & Company, Anna did an excellent job of communicating our values and translating the key benefits of our products to our audience. Her sales copy was a vital component in numerous campaigns that accelerated our business growth and expanded our customer base."

- Michael Hyatt, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

You Can Create Relationships Through Copywriting

I’m Anna McKenzie, and I’d like to help you get your art into the hands of people who will love and appreciate it.

I’m a professional copywriter, author, and the owner of CreativeDemand. I’ve written sales copy for New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors, worked with national and global brands, and helped business owners sell millions of dollars worth of products online.

I believe that marketing is about creating relationships. The better you can connect with your audience, the more likely they are to buy from you — and keep buying from you. Copywriting is key to that connection. In fact, learning to write compelling product blurbs, sales emails, and newsletters can provide steady, long-term results for your art business.

When you can communicate with your audience through value-driven copy, you won’t feel strange when you promote your work. You’ll feel excited to help them get what they want. 

The Transformation Copywriting™ for Artists mini course will give you essential principles and techniques you need to make that happen. 

What You’ll Learn from the Transformation Copywriting for Artists Course


As an artist, you don’t need to become a master copywriter to engage with your audience and drive sales. You just need a few select skills. That’s why I compiled this mini course (six video lessons in all, plus transcripts) just for you. Here’s what’s inside:

Module 1: Principles of Persuasion

  • In Lesson 1, you’ll find out what your customers really want — what motivates them to buy your art, and how it will affect almost everything you write. 

  • In Lesson 2, you’ll discover how to tell your story as a creative using a four-part formula. You’ll learn how to write a succinct, repeatable story that builds your credibility and is relevant to your customers.

  • In Lesson 3, you’ll learn about two dynamic principles that will help you attract your audience. You can infuse these principles into your copy to create interest in a genuine way — and increase your results.


Module 2: How to Write Value-Driven Copy

  • In Lesson 4, you’ll discover a quick formula for writing mighty bullet points — and some strong ideas for writing persuasive blurbs. These blurbs can be used in product descriptions, emails, and ad copy. 
  • In Lesson 5, you’ll receive step-by-step instruction (and templates!) for three different types of sales emails you can use when you launch a collection. You’ll also get a sample launch campaign strategy that you can customize.
  • In Lesson 6, you’ll discover the power of the regular newsletter — and learn four qualities that make a high-value newsletter. You’ll have a better sense of what to communicate and how often to email the subscribers on your list to increase engagement.

Included with Your Enrollment: Full Transcripts of the Video Lessons + 3 Sales Email Templates

  • Your enrollment includes a bonus PDF that contains the full transcripts of your six video lessons, the three sales email templates covered in Lesson 5, and the sample launch campaign strategy. 
  • You can read, highlight, and revisit the transcripts during and after the course so you don’t miss any key ideas. With this PDF, all the material will be at your fingertips and stay fresh in your mind!

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“As a creative entrepreneur, I wanted to use my platform to help others build a life of impact and income. I teamed up with Anna to distill and clarify our messaging. Our influence and platform has grown every month in profit and impact.”

- Noah Elias, author, speaker, mentor, artist, founder of Noah Fine Art, Noah University, and NoahElias.net

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I believe you’ll see the value in this course right away. But in the event that you aren’t completely satisfied, you can get a full refund in the first 30 days. I may ask you where you’re getting stuck, because I want to help you succeed. But if you feel like this course isn't right for you, you can absolutely get all your money back in the first month.

“Anna McKenzie is my go-to guide for marketing insights and copywriting. She’s helped me understand that selling is really about serving, marketing is about creating meaningful relationships, and being who I truly am is the best way to build my business. Not only that, working with Anna has led to tangible, measurable results and growth. Learning from her has truly been a turning point in my professional journey. I only wish I’d had the benefit of her brilliance sooner.”

- Holley Gerth, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and Life Coach

Discover the Difference Copywriting Skills Can Make for Your Art Business 

This is the kind of skill set you'll never regret having, especially as the online marketplace continues to grow. The choice is yours!