As a writer or small business owner, you can’t count on the market to have a demand for your products and services. You have to create it. 


How does that happen? It happens when you have a strong understanding of your own mission and your customers' desired transformation — what they're truly looking for. When you can show them you're the best option for helping them get where they want to go, you can develop a compelling marketing engine that builds loyalty, thrives on innovation, and attracts new and returning customers year after year.

CreativeDemand, LLC, is a business dedicated to helping writers and small business owners create demand for their products online. Though the market grows more saturated by the day, there have never been more opportunities to create unique brands and build healthy revenue streams through the digital marketplace. CreativeDemand provides resources to help you market your products and services more effectively so you can thrive in your line of work. 

Anna K. McKenzie is the owner and Copywriter-in-Chief of CreativeDemand. She is also the author of Mission, Market, Message: The Actionable Guide to Marketing for Small Business Owners. She has previously worked as the executive editor for a nationwide behavioral health organization and as a copywriter for Michael Hyatt & Company. In her years as a content marketer, Anna managed a team of writers and editors to produce over 40,000 web articles across more than 100 websites, developed 80+ brochures, edited a 400+ page treatment workbook, and co-authored the children’s book Pirates Have Feelings, Too. As a copywriter, she has written sales copy for New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors, worked with national and global brands, and helped business owners sell millions of dollars worth of products online. 

If you’re seeking a competitive edge online, CreativeDemand can help. Explore resources through the homepage and start your journey to greater reach and revenue.