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3 Ways to Get Ahead of Your Customer’s Objections

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3 Ways to Get Ahead of Your Customer’s Objections

Welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips! I’m Anna, a professional copywriter. Today we’re talking about how to get ahead of your customer’s objections. 

Here’s why it matters. Your job is to lower the barriers to the sale, which means putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and asking the questions they might ask. If you ask those questions first and provide the answers, not only do you demonstrate knowledge of the customer’s key problems, but you prevent them from walking away or having to search your site for the information they need. 

So get into the details. Think about the nuts-and-bolts questions or hang-ups that a customer might have when contemplating your product. 

Here are 3 ways to get ahead of your customer’s objections and grease the skids for the sale:

  1. Know who they are (so you can think what they think). If you have target market data or an avatar, it’s time to put that information to use and visualize the buying process through the eyes of your ideal customer. Why are they buying? Where are they buying? (Online? In person? What are the logistics that they might be concerned about?) What specific features will they be looking for? 
  2. Don’t avoid the tough but relevant questions. For example, if you feel like customers might wonder why something costs a certain amount, you can ask it for them: Why is this product offered at this price point? And respond: Because it’s a limited edition. Because we have limited inventory. Because we wanted to make it as affordable as possible for you… Etc.!
  3. Get a site review from a friend (or someone who is in your target market). Sometimes we’re too close to what we sell to understand what our customer would want to know. Get another person to review your site or ask hard questions about your product. (It helps if this person is in your target market. If they’re not, consider asking a few people!)

When you take time to address your customer’s potential “what if’s” and other objections ahead of time, you can increase trust and ensure a smoother sales process.

  Thanks for reading!