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How to Connect with Your Audience Through Email

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How to Connect with Your Audience Through Email

Welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips! I’m Anna, a professional copywriter. Today we’re talking about how to connect with your audience through email. What we’re really talking about is building trust. 

Email is a permission-based marketing channel. It gives you the opportunity to speak directly to the people who care about what you have to offer. 

Now you may be thinking, People get tons of email! My emails are going to end up somewhere in the stack of discount offers, terms and conditions updates, shipping notifications, and customer service feedback requests. Don’t despair just yet.

Whose Emails Are You Always Reading?

People subscribe to plenty of business and blog newsletters without bothering to read what’s being sent to them. But let me ask you this: Whose emails are YOU always reading?

First, you’re going to read emails from your family and friends. That’s easy. You care about them, they care about you. You know them and want to hear from them. 

Second, how about people whose lifestyle you want or who can teach you skills you want to learn

Third, how about people who are always sending you something interesting or encouraging

Maybe you don’t know these people personally, but you benefit from what they’re sending you. And they’ve built trust with you because you know that when you open their emails, something good is going to be inside. 

Look through your inbox and find out which email updates you’re always opening. What’s unique about them? What do you like the most, and why? What can you do to replicate that experience for your audience (in a way that fits your brand and style)?

The key to creating that connection with your audience is to constantly be thinking about what they’re interested in. Consider the values and interests you share… and keep talking about them! (This takes trial and error, so don’t expect to get it right the first time. As you continue to email your audience, you’ll see what gets more traction.)

Your Emails Aren’t Just Updates About You

Your emails are not just updates about you, they’re opportunities to connect on what’s important to both you and your readers. And if you’re still totally clueless about what your audience cares about, ask them. 

Send a survey with one open-ended question. Ask, “What’s your biggest challenge related to this topic?” or “What do you love most about this subject matter?” They’ll tell you. (And if they don’t at first, send a few reminders!)

Put on Your Reader’s Sunglasses

As business owners, we often get tied up in what we think we can provide, or what we should be saying, or what matters to us. But if we stop on a regular basis and put on our reader’s sunglasses to see how they see the world, we’ll get a clear picture of what we should be communicating to them. It’ll start to feel organic. 

You’ll think, “Yeah, I’m going to talk about this stuff that we both love and how my reader can get more of it.” That’s how you build trust. You put your reader first. 

Thanks for reading!