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What Customers Really Want: Real World Examples

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What Customers Really Want: Real World Examples

​​Welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips! I’m Anna, a professional copywriter. Today we’re talking about what customers really want. When you’re writing copy, you always need to keep the customer’s desired result in mind, which we call the transformation. 

There are 5 Core Transformations — Lifestyle, Adventure, Freedom, Connection, and Safety. You can learn more about these transformations in my book, Mission, Market, Message.

Real World Examples: Transformations in Ads

Here are some examples of how real companies are using these transformations in advertising. 

#1: Lifestyle

Brand: Old Spice

The Lifestyle transformation is all about how products fit into your customers' lives and tell a story about who they are. To play certain roles or to fit a particular image, we buy certain products. Old Spice is selling their products by appealing to the Lifestyle that their target customer wants to have: being a man. So if you want to “smell like a man,” you should buy Old Spice products. 

#2: Adventure

Brand: Oreo

The Adventure transformation is all about your experience of life. It’s about the emotions you feel, what you experience with your five senses, and your personal enjoyment of life. Oreo is advertising that their cookies give you that sense of wonder you’re looking for. You may have also seen similar ads that say “Stay Playful.” The message here is that Oreo cookies are about fun, excitement, and wonder… and if you want those things, you should buy them!

#3: Freedom

Brand: Bank of America

The Freedom transformation is about ease, convenience, and efficiency… ensuring that you have the freedom to do what you want, and to NOT do the things you don’t want. Bank of America is advertising that using their products will give you that freedom. Note the use of the word “power.” That’s often what we’re looking for with the Freedom transformation.

#4: Connection

 Brand: University of Idaho

The Connection transformation is obviously about being connected… to other people, to God, to the Earth, to a cause, etc. The University of Idaho is appealing to students’ desires to connect to a community and be part of something bigger than themselves, which could make them feel more distinguished and significant. College is about more than just classes; it’s about belonging to an institution and the community there.

#5: Safety

Brand: Mosaic Life Insurance

The Safety transformation is about preventing negative outcomes. The focus is on prevention — so that you feel comfortable and prepared instead of apprehensive or caught off guard. Using a little dark pandemic humor, Mosaic Life Insurance advertised how their product can protect your loved ones from the repercussions of your untimely passing. 

These are just a few examples of how transformations are successfully used in ads. The more you learn how to spot them (and use them), the more effectively you’ll be able to write your own sales copy and ads!

Learn How to Write Copy Using the Transformations

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