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What Makes a Great (But NOT Clickbait) Email Subject Line?

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What Makes a Great (But NOT Clickbait) Email Subject Line?

Welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips! I’m Anna, a professional copywriter. Today we’re talking about what makes a great, but NOT clickbait, email subject line. 

Email subject lines are just as important as the content of your email. We can talk all day long about what you should write in your email to connect with your audience and sell to them, but if they never open your emails, the game is already over. 

So you need to hone the skill of crafting great email subject lines that create interest without faking out your audience with clickbait. 

Give Pieces of What’s Inside

This is very similar to learning the skill of writing great bullet points. Why? Because bullet points are supposed to be like movie trailers. They give you the highlights without giving the story away. 

Think about this for a moment. You’ve seen movie trailers that made you want to see the movie. You’ve also seen trailers that made you feel like you just watched the whole movie. They gave the whole thing away. 

A good movie trailer shows you pieces of what’s inside without telling you how it turns out.

Then the movie should deliver on that. You may be able to write a great email subject line, but if the email doesn’t deliver, it’s just clickbait. 

Examples of Great Email Subject Lines

Great content lends itself to a great subject line, but you have to keep an element of mystery. Here are some examples:

  • My Worst Day in Business (and What I Learned)
  • Only 2 Days Left (Save Your Spot)!
  • Our Big Event Starts Now!
  • Still Waking Up Late? Do This
  • Save $100 on Our Most Popular Item

In these subject lines, the important piece is mentioned, but the mystery is still there. People are wondering… what was your worst day in business? What’s only available for two more days? What’s your big event? What will help me wake up early? What’s your most popular item? 

And once they open that email, it needs to deliver. That’s how you can write an interesting email subject line that isn’t clickbait, like a great movie trailer.

Thanks for reading!