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3 Ways to Help Customers Decide to Buy: #3 - Make It Matter

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Welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips, I’m Anna, a professional copywriter. Today we’re talking about three ways to help customers decide to buy, and this video is about number three: Make the transformation matter. 

Here’s what that looks like. Maybe you’re selling a subscription for a nutrition-focused meal kit that gets sent to customers on a weekly basis. You might write some copy in an ad or email that says, “This box will help you eat healthier every week.” 

Well, so what? Some people understand the impact of eating healthy, and others don’t connect with it. They might know they need to eat healthy, but it still feels like something that’s hard to do or that they don’t really want to do

Defining the Significance of the Result

So when we talk about making the transformation matter, that means we need to define its significance. We need to be clear about what success really looks like in this scenario. As a potential customer, I need to go from thinking, “Oh that might be nice,” to “This is going to help me achieve my goal, so I’m going to get it.” 

What are the benefits of eating healthier every week? 

  • You’ll have more energy. 
  • You’ll get to feel good about yourself and the choices you’re making, because you’re caring for your body. 
  • Choices tend to have a domino effect on our habits. You’ve already decided to eat healthy; why not take the stairs instead of the elevator? Why not drink water instead of soda? 
  • And before you know it, your attitude is changing. Your well-being is prioritized instead of languishing on the backburner. You have positive momentum.

As a copywriter, you’ve reached the point where you’re describing the lifestyle of a healthy person who feels good physically and emotionally. It’s tangible. Your customers can visualize it. They say, “Yeah, I can do that. I want that confidence. I want that energy. I want that lifestyle.” 

Do you see how we got there? You made it matter. You painted the picture of what’s on the other side, of the effect of that one healthy choice. And guess what? That choice is easy, because all you need to do is click a button. That’s how it begins.

So making it matter is the third way to help customers decide to buy. If you haven’t watched the videos (or read the blog posts) for the first two, Make It Measurable and Make It Manageable, go do that! I think you’ll enjoy them. 

Start Learning Copywriting Today

If you’re a business owner or a writer who wants to learn how to write value driven copy that sells, I encourage you to check out my course, Transformation Copywriting. Thanks for reading!


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