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5 Characteristics of Bad Copywriting


Welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips! I’m Anna, a professional copywriter. Today we’re talking about 5 characteristics of bad copywriting. If you want your copywriting to be compelling and attractive to potential customers, you need to avoid these 5 traits:

  1. Bad copywriting is emotional to the point of being coercive. It borders on being manipulative by putting pressure on you to make a purchase. It bullies or teases you into action. 
  2. Bad copywriting provides too little information. It makes you guess what the product includes or the benefits of buying. Maybe you don’t know where to get access, what happens next, or even the price point. It’s just incomplete.
  3. Bad copywriting is too wordy. It says three words when one will do. It uses long sentences and blocks of unbroken text to try to communicate a single point.
  4. Bad copywriting buries the important information. You have to search for the key facts or highlights that really matter to you. You have to scroll to get to the relevant points and call to action. 
  5. Bad copywriting stops short of the customer’s result. It’s vague about the desired outcomes you might experience. It’s all about technical details and never focuses on the transformation that you’re seeking. 

5 Characteristics of Good Copywriting

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, good copywriting does the exact opposite:

  1. It’s persuasive without ever being coercive. 
  2. It’s highly informative and specific about the product, the offer, and the benefits of buying. 
  3. It’s concise and easy to scan. 
  4. It places a priority on the highlights and the call to action. 
  5. And it’s always laser-focused on the customer’s transformation. 

Learn How to Write Great Copy

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