How to Make Your Copy Magnetic, Part 1: Mystery

Jun 28, 2022

Welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips, I’m Anna, a professional copywriter. Today we’re talking about how to make your copy magnetic. This tip is part one, which is about using mystery. 

Information Gaps and Payoff

Great copywriting utilizes elements of great storytelling. In storytelling, writers utilize the power of information gaps. Our brains crave complete information, so when you leave something out, or indicate that something’s still unknown, it becomes like a dripping faucet in our minds. We get stuck on it. We need to close the loop. 

In copywriting, we need to create interest so we can gain our customer’s attention, but we also need to provide an equal payoff. We shouldn’t be so focused on getting attention that we resort to gimmicks and inflated promises. Nobody likes to be sold on something that doesn’t pay off. 

Tease What’s Coming Like a Great Movie Trailer Does

So when you’re writing copy, you want to create interest authentically. Here’s an example of how to use mystery to create interest: When you see a really great movie trailer, you’re dying to know what happens in that movie. You’ve seen just enough that you’re interested, you have questions, you want to close the loop. 

Writing copy is the same way. To get people interested in a product or service, you want to write up the movie trailer for it. You want to highlight the best qualities of what you’re selling without giving the whole thing away. Be truthful and give just enough so that they’re excited to sign up and they end up becoming satisfied customers. 

Examples of Creating Interest Using Mystery

You can even use mystery to create interest in an email newsletter. Let’s say you’re a food blogger promoting a blog post in your newsletter. It’s a new recipe for gluten-free strawberry pie. You want to leave a gap on what, how, or why. 

You can say…

  • “Find out exactly how I made this gluten-free pie that fooled my family because it tasted so much like a regular pie”
  • “Find out why I began the journey to make the best gluten-free strawberry pie that I could” 
  • “Discover my recipe for a brand new gluten-free staple(what) that I’m going to bring to every party I go to this season”

Now, one more thing: When you use mystery, I encourage you to stay away from the word “secrets.” It’s an overused term and sometimes it’s repelling to people. 

And remember, you always want their click to pay off. When you do that, when your audience recognizes that mystery was worth it, you build trust with them. That’s what good copywriting does. Write great movie trailers for what you’re promoting and you’ll be just fine.

Start Learning Effective Copywriting Skills

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