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Invite Customers to Join You for Something Bigger

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Invite Customers to Join You for Something Bigger

Welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips, I’m Anna, a professional copywriter. Today talking about customer engagement — namely, how to invite your customers to join you for something bigger than the sale. 

Why does this matter? Can’t you just have a transactional relationship with customers? You can. But you want your customers to come back. You want them to prefer your brand and to feel connected to what you’re doing.

So when you invite them to join you for something bigger, like a movement, a food drive, a challenge, charity donations, a service project, etc., you can increase engagement, trust, and loyalty — in addition to doing some good!

Examples: Jersey Mike’s and Subaru

Here are a couple examples of brands that have reached out to invite their customers to participate in their mission:

  • Every March, Jersey Mike’s donates a portion of its proceeds to charity for the entire month. At the end of the month, they have a Day of Giving, where 100% of their proceeds are donated to a good cause.
  • Every October, Subaru partners with hundreds of animal shelters and hosts “Make Dog’s Day,” a campaign where they encourage the adoption of dogs that are disabled or have special needs. They donate $100 to their partners for every pet that is adopted during the campaign. 

These campaigns allow customers to engage beyond the transactional level, and they can connect with the brand and with good causes. 

Great brands understand that being memorable is not just about “shock and awe” or spending lots of money to attract customer attention. It’s about meeting your customers where they are and caring about the things they care about… and inviting them to participate in making a difference together.

Discover What Your Customers Want

Great copywriting is the art and science of discovering what customers want communicating in a clear, compelling way about they can get it. You can learn how to write sales copy that converts, one simple lesson at a time, through the Transformation Copywriting course. Thanks for reading! 


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