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The #1 Way to Improve How You Write Bullet Points

The #1 Way to Improve How You Write Bullet Points

Welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips, I’m Anna, a professional copywriter. Today we’re talking about the #1 way to improve how you write bullet points. 

Why are bullet points such a big deal in copywriting? Here are a few reasons: 

  • They’re set apart from the rest of the text so they attract the reader’s eye. We have seconds, maybe fractions of a second, to get someone’s attention, so this is important. We want to use our bullet points as wisely as possible in that moment. 
  • They’re easy to scan. You can read them quickly, and they don’t take up much space. 
  • They  usually contain the most important information or the highlights that people are looking for. So when it comes to getting people to take action, which is what copywriting is all about, improving the way you write bullet points can be the difference between losing a reader or gaining a customer.

So let’s talk about the #1 way to improve how you write bullet points: You need to be specific without giving away the story. 

Improve Your Bullets in Word and Concept: An Example

Let’s say you want someone to listen to the latest episode of a productivity podcast. You write a short description of the episode, and then lead into several bullet points by saying, “Here’s what you’ll discover in this podcast…” 

Let’s say your first bullet point is: “How to organize your space to keep clutter out of your line of vision.” 

That may be what the podcast teaches, but you kinda gave away the story. It’s boring. Keeping clutter out of your line of vision doesn’t mean anything until we know why we’re doing it. And the reason why is to protect our ability to focus. 

So let’s keep our reader’s interest alive by saying, “How to organize your space in a way that protects your focus (your #1 productivity asset).” That’s much better, right? 

But let’s go one step further to get more specific. What do we mean by “protect”? If a clean space increases our focus and a messy space distracts us, let’s get that specificity into our bullet point. 

So how about this: “How to arrange your space to heighten your focus — your #1 productivity asset — instead of stifling it.” 

Now my reader is really interested. They know what’s at stake. We even used the word “arrange” instead of “organize” because it feels more like solving a puzzle to streamline focus instead of just putting stuff away. Now you have a really compelling bullet point. 

So there you have it. If you can practice this process of getting specific without giving the story away, you’ll boost your bullet points and increase the chance that your reader will act as a result!

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