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“The Choice Is Yours”: How to Empower Your Customer

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Welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips! I’m Anna, a professional copywriter. Today we’re talking about how to empower your customer to make a purchase decision. 

There’s a lot that goes into the sales process, but what we’re talking about today is something that many marketers forget about. When you finish pitching to a customer and you’ve given them all the information they need to make a decision, your customer feels the burden of that decision. And no one wants to feel cornered. 

So your job at that moment is to put the sale back into the customer’s hands and remind them that they have a choice

Become Your Customer’s Advocate

It’s important in copywriting to explain to the customer what will happen if they take the next step or if they walk away. And you never want to exaggerate or be overly emotional with this language. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Be clear about the pros and cons. 
  • Let them know what’s at stake. 
  • And then release the opportunity back into the customer’s hands. 

You empower your customer when you remind them that the choice is theirs to make. They get to choose how the story ends. 

Instead of trying to strong-arm them into purchasing, you stand back and tell them you know that they’re going to make the best decision for themselves. When that happens, you don’t look like a salesperson anymore. You’ve become your customer’s advocate. That builds trust and increases your customer’s confidence. 

Learn How to Write Authentic Sales Copy

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