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What Is an Opt-in Page, and What Should It Include?

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Welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips, I’m Anna, a professional copywriter. Today we’re asking, “What is an opt-in page, and what should it include?” 

To answer that, I’m going to tell you three important things to know about opt-in pages so that you understand what elements to add.

What Is an Opt-in Page?

An opt-in page is generally a short landing page that offers a free lead magnet (e.g., an ebook, a video series, a white paper, a webinar) to a visitor. Visitors enter their email (sometimes their name or other information as well) to get the free content. At that point, they become a lead.

Because opt-in pages offer free content, they don’t need to include lots of copy. If they do, visitors may feel like you’re trying too hard to get their contact information or that you’re attempting to “sell” them on something they don’t want.

If you want to gain more leads, it’s important to create opt-in pages that provide a balance of information about the lead magnet and the business or brand. They should be easy to read and scan, have a single focus, and have a clear, consistent call-to-action.

3 Things to Remember When You’re Writing an Opt-in Page

Here are three things you need to know when you’re writing an opt-in page:

  1. Make it short and sweet, but still credible. Opt-in page sizes vary, but you can shoot for somewhere between 300-500 words. Though you want to be concise, you want to be sure to include information about your business or brand and other credibility signals (like certifications or logos of companies you’ve worked with) to help visitors trust you.
  2. Eliminate the option to browse. You may be tempted to add a navigation bar to your opt-in page so that people who aren’t interested in the lead magnet can visit the rest of your website. Steer clear! Don’t distract your visitors or you’ll decrease the chance that they’ll convert to leads.
  3. Keep the focus clear. Your opt-in page needs to have a singular focus, which means that it promotes one thing — the lead magnet — and offers no other products or services. 

Similar to sales pages, all the information that someone needs to take action should live at the top of the page (above the fold). Though some people may view the entire page, your visitors should be able to make a choice without even having to scroll.

Learning how to write a concise, compelling opt-in page is key to driving leads, which can ultimately turn into sales. 

Start Learning How to Write Great Opt-in Pages

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