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What Is Good Copywriting About? What Makes It Work?

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Welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips, I’m Anna, a professional copywriter. Today we’re talking about how copywriting is not necessarily about the words you write. Now what does that mean? 

In other forms of writing, you’re focused on being eloquent and informative so that people keep reading. In copywriting, you still want to be articulate, but you’re focused on helping people act quickly, not keep reading. That means what you write needs to be concise, scannable, and clear.

How Copywriting Works

Maybe you write a product description that is highly informative. You use interesting words and have long, flowing sentences. It may be very pretty, but if it takes the reader too long to get through it, no one is going to click on your call to action. And if your call to action is buy now, that means you’re not getting sales.

To turn your product description into a compelling piece of copywriting, you need to take these three steps: 

  1. Find out what’s essential and what’s not. Sometimes we repeat ourselves when we don’t need to. So cut the fluff. 
  2. See what can be turned into bullet points. If you’re describing a series of features, turn it into a list. 
  3. Shorten your sentences and use common words. You don’t want your writing to be choppy, but you do want it to be easy to read and scan.

Finally, make sure that you end on the call to action. Your reader should know exactly what to do when they finish. Your copy should be detailed enough that your reader can think clearly about your offer, but it should be concise and focused enough to inspire them to take the next step. Action-oriented copy is the kind that gets results and helps you stand out as a writer. 

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