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What Makes Copy Convert?: 3 Essentials You Should Know

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Hello and welcome to CreativeDemand Copywriting Tips, I'm Anna, a professional copywriter. Today we’re asking the question, “What kind of copy converts? What actually makes it persuasive?”

High converting copy has three specific qualities. Here's what they are:

#1: High Converting Copy Focuses on the Customer’s Result

First, high converting copy focuses on the customer’s end goal, or the transformation they want to experience. To write that kind of copy, you need to understand what the customer really wants. Why are they making this decision? What problem or issue brought them here? If you can empathize with their frustrations, reflect their values, and show them that the product you’re selling can help them achieve their end result, your copy will be very compelling.

#2: High Converting Copy Is Well Organized

Second, high converting copy is well organized. You can’t ramble. You need an understanding of the field-tested techniques and essential components that build and frame an offer. If you don’t, your message will be weak and your customer won’t have a clear idea of how to take action on the offer.

#3: High Converting Copy Is Focused on Impact

Third, high converting copy is focused on impact. What does that mean? It means the copy not only helps the customer gain crystal clear understanding of what the offer is and how to participate in it, but it also gives them a specific idea of what’s at stake if they act on it or if they don’t. In other words, your customers realize why it matters to make a decision right now, and they know the effect of their action or inaction.

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